Activities and Events Committee

Planning and coordinating council activities

Mission Statement: To focus on building relationships and creating experiences for ASU staff to get to know each other through committee planning and coordinating various council activities and events. The goal is to create engagement amongst Staff Council and the great staff community at ASU.  

The Committee meets: TBD

The Activities and Events Committee is responsible for: 

  1. Planning and coordinating various Council activities and events to include, but not limited to, any of the following:
    1. Homecoming Block Party Information Booths
    2. Staff Nights at sporting events
    3. Other Social Events
  2. Working with the Communications Committee to coordinate the necessary marketing materials to promote Council activities and events.
  3. Participating in other major university events, such as Homecoming, Graduation, and Fall Welcome.
  4. The committee is encouraged to seek assistance from those who possess knowledge and expertise with regard to the issue they are exploring.

 Committee Co-Chairs:  

 Meeting Minutes: