Communications Committee

Communicating activities, events and announcements

Mission Statement: To promote and share the programs, activities, events and accomplishments of Staff Council with the greater ASU community.  

The Committee meets: TBD

The Communications Committee is responsible for: 

  1. Gathering and distributing information regarding university activities, events, and announcements that may affect staff on a weekly basis (using appropriate technology).
  2. Maintaining and updating the SC information brochure, and providing it for Council activities and events, or other university events that may involve or support the Council’s mission and goals.
  3. Maintaining and updating the Council's social networking pages to include all social media accounts.
  4. Reviewing the information content of the SC website, and suggest changes, additions, or deletions to the Council Admin
  5. Providing any other marketing materials needed to promote various Council activities and events, and to recruit Council members.
  6. The committee is encouraged to seek assistance from those who possess knowledge and expertise with regard to the issue they are exploring. 

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    Committee Chair:  

    Meeting Minutes: