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Executive Board Nominations Now Open

We are now accepting nominations for the following Executive Board positions beginning July 1, 2019:

Nominee can be from any campus location:
President-Elect (1-year term, then transitions to President for a 2-year term)
Parliamentarian (2-year term)

Nominees must be from specific campus location:
Assistant Vice President – Downtown Phoenix campus (2-year term -- 1 year AVP, then VP 2nd year)
Assistant Vice President – Poly campus (2-year term -- 1 year AVP, then VP 2nd year)
Assistant Vice President – Tempe campus/Skysong (2-year term -- 1 year AVP, then VP 2nd year)
Assistant Vice President – West campus (2-year term -- 1 year AVP, then VP 2nd year)

Send nominations to Linda.anderson.1@asu.edu by May 24, 2019.
PDF iconofficer_descriptions_odd_numbered_fiscal_year_elections.pdf


Welcome Newly Elected General Members

Welcome to our new general members for 2019-20, who will join our existing members to improve Arizona State University’s employment climate and talk to departments about staff issues, including ways to make ASU a better place to work. PDF icon2019-20_newly-elected_general_members.pdf

See below for more information on the election process from the Staff Council Bylaws:

Section 1: Candidate Eligibility for Council Members

  1. Candidates seeking membership to the Council must be a Classified Staff or University Staff employee.
  2. Candidates must complete their employment probationary period prior to their nomination or self-nomination.

Section 2: General Council Member Election Procedures

  1. All Council members will be elected/appointed for a term of two (2) fiscal years each April.
  2. An elected member of the Council may extend his/her service voluntarily, and with supervisor approval, for a second two (2) year term without standing for election (except for Executive Board positions).
  3. Council members must remain off the Council for a period of one (1) fiscal year after serving any portion of his/her term (up to 2 terms maximum), before running for re-election or being re-appointed. Exception to this will occur with supervisor approval for continued service on the Council (not the Executive Board) on a yearly basis.
  4. Voting in the election for Council members is open to all benefits-eligible staff.

 Responsibilities of the Elections Committee

  • Generating election procedures and formulating the process for all council elections
  • Recruitment of new members for the Council and ensuring that our elections process is followed

Meetings are scheduled on our SC Events and Meetings Calendar. Members may attend meetings in person or by video conference. Contact linda.anderson.1@asu.edu to be added to the distribution list.