Scholarship and Fundraising

Identifying various fundraising programs and projects

Mission Statement: To promote and advocate for staff philanthropy. Philanthropy (Greek word for love of mankind) might include advocating and promoting staff donations of time, talents and treasures (funds). 

The Committee meets: TBD

The Scholarship and Fundraising Committee is responsible for:

  1. Organizing and facilitating Staff Council programs and other programs (i.e. Staff Helping Staff and Judy Reynolds Memorial Scholarship).
  2. Identifying existing scholarship programs and services available to staff.
  3. Identifying various fundraising programs and projects, and facilitating fundraising activities throughout the fiscal year.
  4. Facilitating the communication of these programs and services to staff.
  5. The committee is encouraged to seek assistance from those who possess knowledge and expertise with regard to the issues they are exploring.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Meeting Minutes:


Resources Description
Staff Helping Staff Your gift benefits staff members in need when an unexpected emergency arises, so they can get back to the important work they do for ASU.
Staff Helping Staff Endowment Your donation can help build a legacy by establishing a permanent endowment (Foundation account 30007552). Sign up for payroll deduction!
Judy Reynolds Memorial Scholarship Benefits ASU staff with scholarships for professional development.