Sustainability Committee

Understanding issues impacting environmental sustainability

Mission Statement: To incorporate community connection by hosting monthly meetings highlighting ASU's sustainability work with activities and guest speakers, organizing different working groups for projects across campuses. Project ideas and implementation come from our committee members, join now! 

The Committee meets: First Thursday of every month from noon - 1:00 p.m. virtually via Zoom.

The Sustainability Committee is responsible for:

  1. Understanding issues impacting sustainability (climate change, pollution, use of non-renewable energy sources, etc.).
  2. Identifying existing programs and services available to improve or alleviate these issues, or recommend changes, enhancements, or establishments of programs to address these issues.
  3. Facilitating the communication of programs and services to university staff.
  4. The committee is encouraged to seek assistance from those who possess knowledge and expertise with regard to the issues they are exploring.

Committee Co-Chairs:  

Meeting Minutes

Access the 2023 meeting minutes

If you are interested in joining the committee, please complete our Google form. If you are interested in becoming an advocate, being added/removed to a communication channel (distribution lists, SLACK), or have any questions about the committee, please contact the committee chairs.


Project Team Project Lead(s)  Project Team
Guest Speaker Committee Mary McGillicuddy  Halie Cousineau, Madaline Dolgin, Travis Buckner, Ellen Kirchman, Lyndsay Campbell
Book Exchange Program Erin Singla Nancy De Loa, Ellen Lagerman, Kristin Olafs, Darci Parsley, Denice Diab, Monica Markman, Shannon Mangino, Ellen Kirchman, Arnetta Courtney, Jessica Vasquez, Robyn Johnson-Bey, Lyndsay Campbell
Upcycling Program Madeline Dolgin Stacey Eastwood, Monica Markman, Melissa Jones, Travis Buckner, Erin Singla, Robyn Johnson-Bey, Lyndsay Campbell
Fashion Forward Halie Cousineau, Robyn Johnson-Bey Emily Percifull, Nancy De Loa, Kristin Olafs, Monica Middendorf, Shawn Busby, Madeline Dolgin, Tiffanny Rauch, Linda Porter, Denice Diab, Monica Markman, Melissa Jones, Shannon Mangino, Travis Buckner, Camille Lang, Jessica Vasquez, Arnetta Courtney, Erin Singla, Lyndsay Campbell 
Tempe Innovation Garden Halie Cousineau, Lyndsay Campbell  Emily Percifull, Darci Parsely, Rafael de Luna III, Denice Diab, Connor Smith
Plant-Forward Dining Connor Smith, Robyn Johnson-Bey Stacey Eastwood, Ellen Lagerman, Shannon Mangino, Darci Parsley, Lyndsay Campbell
Get Up and Get Out Ellen Lagerman, Robyn Johnson-Bey, Lyndsay Campbell  Stacey Eastwood, Halie Cousineau, Madeline Dolgin, Shannon Mangino, Connor Smith, Ellen Kirchman
Sustainable Purchasing and Programming Halie Cousineau, Danielle Van Vleet, Lyndsay Campbell  Rafael de Luna III, Tiffanny Rauch, Travis Buckner, Elizabeth Ford, Monica Middendorf
Real Plant Initiative  Halie Cousineau, Lyndsay Campbell Emily Percifull, Jessica Vasquez
Public Transportation / Parking Initatives Madeline Dolgin Ellen Lagerman, Halie Cousineau, Monica Markman, Danielle Van Vleet, Connor Smith, Morgan Radick, Elizabeth Ford, Lyndsay Campbell 


New Resources

Ever think about the swag that you receive from various events and contests? How much of it do you still own and use? Make a difference by reviewing your department’s swag items so that they are more sustainable by checking out the Staff Council Sustainability Committee’s Purchasing Toolkit for Sustainable Promotional Materials. In the guide, you’ll discover ideas, vendors and popular sustainable item suggestions. Some highlights include:

  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Questions to ask vendors
  • Branding considerations
  • Best practices
  • New apparel vendors
  • Material swag ideas
  • Non-material swag ideas


Resources Description
ASU Sustainability goals and vision When it comes to a sustainable and resilient future, ASU is committed to leading the world by example with the following initiatives and their associated commitments.
Blue bag program  The blue bag program complements the university’s widespread blue bin commingled recycling program.
Earth Month Learning series Recorded presentations from the 2020 Earth Month Learning series. Learn about Earth Month
Labels and signs Request sustainable labels and signs for your office and events.
Recycling ASU has services to recycle specialty items. Search the content to find out how to recycle at ASU.
Seeds of Sustainability course Take this training to learn the basics in less than an hour and educate yourself on how you can contribute to ASU’s sustainability efforts. After you complete this training and a short assessment, you will receive your “Seedling” certification.
Staff Council Sustainability Committee Cookbook Tips and recipes for a greener and healthier lifestyle. 
Sustainability digest The Sustainability Digest is sent each Friday; a weekly summary of select sustainability news, job opportunities, ASU events, and more.
Zero Waste Aims to create and implement programs to reach the university's circular resources goal and strengthen overall institutional sustainability by designing lasting, universal models that support ASU as a global leader in sustainable solid-waste management.


If you are interested in joining the committee, please complete our google form. If you are interested in becoming an advocate, being added/removed to a communication channel (distribution lists, SLACK), or have any questions about the committee, please contact the committee chairs.