Membership and Recruitment Committee

Mission Statement: To enhance the employee experience for ASU staff by encouraging participation in and engagement with the ASU Staff Council, providing opportunities for networking, volunteering and interconnectivity. The goal is to remain inclusive and accessible to all Staff Council members among various ASU campuses and locations. 

The Committee meets: TBD

The Membership and Recruitment Committee is responsible for:

  1. Identify challenges and opportunities for recruiting new members and retaining current members.
  2. Providing general campus orientation to both new and current staff members.
  3. Provide welcome materials to new SC members.
  4. Sets annual membership goals with input from the campus councils.
  5. Work with the Communications Committee to publicize events and membership goals.
  6. Promoting SC and appropriate events on campus by hosting a table with our organizational information.
  7. Identifying and directly contacting potential Staff Council members.
  8. Planning and overseeing general recruiting efforts.
  9. Monitor the success of each recruiting method.
  10. Assist with the elections process as required for ethical voting processes and to encourage all eligible staff to vote.

Committee Chair:

Meeting Minutes: 

Committee Testimonials: 

"ASU Staff Council is a great organization to learn about helpful resources, advocate for staff concerns and connect with various people throughout the University. Thanks to the Membership and Recruitment Committee, I have made a lot of new friends and learned how to make our community of staff more inclusive." - Art 

“Staff Council has been an invaluable resource for developing leadership skills, networking with colleagues, and serving the campus community.” - Janette