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ASU Staff Council

ASU Staff Council Newly Elected Executive Board Members

Thank you to all those that participated in this year’s 2022-2024 Staff Council Executive Board elections. We are proud to announce the following individuals to the ASU Staff Council Executive Board. 

  • Staff Council Secretary, Denice Diab
  • Staff Council Treasurer, Laura Cox
  • Staff Council Vice President at Tempe/SkySong, Vera Von Esse
  • Staff Council Assistant Vice President at Tempe/SkySong, Mason Hunt
  • Staff Council Assistant Vice President at Downtown, Andrea Bevier
  • Staff Council Assistant Vice President at West, Taylor Gunder
  • Staff Council Assistant Vice President at Polytechnic, Elizabeth Johnson

 On behalf of Staff Council, congratulations to each one of you! We look forward to working with you in serving as a voice for ASU staff.

WELCOME Staff Council Members!  

The council ensures the university’s mission and goals align with its employment climate and facilitates communications about ways to make ASU a better place to work. Thank you to all those who nominated an individual to become a newly elected Staff Council MEMBER! Congratulations to the following for your commitment to serve on Staff Council. 

Elizabeth Ford, Lolita Jenkins, Jeff Phillips, Danya Hinton, Alexander Sandage, Ryan Wadding, Farah Kiaei, Brody Frieden, Kimberly McGoldrick, Kristen Young, Cheryl Blie, Emily Percifull, Christopher Watts, Abbie Anderson, Beno Thomas, Devon Mitchel-Bourque, Jared Swerzenski, Breanna Carpenter, Alexis Starks, Brandon Garland, Travis Wilbrun, John Mack, Jeremy Bennington, Barbara Black-Kurdziolek, Tiffanny Rauch, Sean Spain, Rachel Alvarez, Linda Anton, Jennifer Perea Del-Rio, John Leach, Elizabeth (Liz) Wood, William Morton and Leah Tyler. 

We are looking forward to working with each newly elected member. 


ASU Staff Council: making a difference

Arizona State University's commitment to access, excellence and student success is personified by the dedication of our staff. Through service to students and in support of university function, staff members in all areas play an important role in creating the New American University.

To successfully advance the university's mission and goals, an environment that values the development and support of our staff is key. The ASU Staff Council serves as a collective voice to ensure this kind of environment is a part of the university's culture. Some of the ways Staff Council works to accomplish this is by enhancing university communications, providing recommendations for improving the working climate and promoting professional development opportunities.

ASU family resources are available to you! Click Working Devils Family Resource Guide for more information.