Staff council welcome


Staff Council here at ASU has dedicated themselves to our mission to Love, Listen and Lead our staff community into the future.

Greetings! Welcome to the ASU Staff Council.
Staff Council is an advisory organization that provides guidance and feedback to the ASU President on issues that affect staff. We tackle a wide range of topics including compensation packages, professional development, job advancement, transit needs, health and safety, employee inclusion, and much more. ASU fulfils its mission best when everyone is engaged in examining what we have already accomplished, where more work needs to be done and most importantly, how we can contribute to solving those challenges.
This is not just the job of a select group of leaders or experts. Each of us needs to contribute in order to make things better. Our members work together within their respective campus councils to identify and resolve challenges their colleagues face on their campuses. We also have several university-wide committees to address challenges and provide solutions throughout ASU. I encourage any interested staff member to explore our list of committees to see where you want to contribute your passion and experience to improving the lives of your colleagues.
I am excited to report that over the next two years, Staff Council here at ASU has dedicated themselves to upholding our mission statement by loving, listening and leading our staff community into the future. We desire to have our colleagues feel seen and heard through all that we do. Our executive board and committees will be focused on these three attributes in innovating new ideas to positively affect our shared work environment.  We anticipate great things to come from this focus and we invite everyone into our movement because without your dedication these are only words on paper and we all deserve more than mere words!
Staff Council provides a number of benefits including:
  • Amazing network of dedicated colleagues working to optimize the university’s working conditions for all staff,
  • Several professional development opportunities including but not limited to lunch and learns and annual conferences,
  • Opportunities to leverage our place by performing community service, and
  • Opportunities to acquire new leadership skills and on-the job training in areas you may not get in your current role - all while in service to the university!
Please explore our website and learn more about the work we are doing. Feel free to email us at or my email address below with any questions, concerns, or to get involved. We welcome your feedback and participation as a valuable partner in the mission of higher education and in the success of ASU!

Shawn Banzhaf
Staff Council President