We exist to support and celebrate staff in their work at ASU

Thank you for your interest in the ASU Staff Council.

At ASU, we are working to build a New American University – a university that embraces as its mission the exploration and pursuit of strategies that seek to improve access for students, both in Arizona and across the world; to deepen the quest for new knowledge through research programs that enhance the educational experience and benefit the public good; and to position the university as a key participant in the economic, social, and cultural vitality of the community.

ASU staff are important, valuable partners in building a New American University. Among our many contributions, we offer:

  • Perspective. We give personalized, one-on-one attention to the more than 65,000 students attending ASU. In this capacity, we offer a unique and frontline perspective on student needs. We listen to, guide, assist, and celebrate students…day in and day out. We personify what it means to be student centered.
  • Coordination and management. We advance the learning and research environment at ASU by managing and navigating processes, as well as building and maintaining facilities. Our work enables faculty and students the freedom to focus more fully on teaching and learning.
  • Effective communication. We help articulate ASU’s successes and opportunities as a means of furthering our commitment to the local community. Our efforts not only enhance the pride within the ASU family, but we also help make ASU welcoming and accessible to the larger Arizona community.

In short, ASU staff have the flexibility to tap into creativity and collaborations that will provide our students with the meaningful, relevant education that a 21st century global society demands and our local Arizona community needs.

The Staff Council exists to support and celebrate staff in their work at ASU. We achieve this by providing a forum to discuss important issues and a mechanism to articulate staff ideas, concerns, and successes to university leadership.

We invite you to explore our website and consider getting involved with the Staff Council. We welcome your feedback and participation as a valuable partner in the mission of higher education and in the success of ASU!