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Energy Efficient License Plates on ASU Golf Carts

Submitted: July 6, 2016
Last updated: July 6, 2016
Status: Resolved 6/21/16

Comment or issue submitted:

I see Energy Efficient license plates on many of the golf carts here on campus.  I think that it's a waste of a limited available item that could be used for cars on Arizona roadways. The plates are limited to 10,000 and there are none available to the public at this time (or very often over the past few years). ASU golf carts do not go on the highways, thus the plate benefit is wasted  on the vehicles. If the goal of using the plates it to show that ASU is green, I suggest that we purchase license plate holders that read, "ASU : Greening the Fleet" or something to that effect.  The Energy Efficient plates cost $8 each annually according to the AZDOT website, metal plate holders average  $5 each, custom made, no annual fee. This would equate to hundreds of dollars saved each year.


When you see a blue cloud license plate it shows the cart does not pollute the air. It is an Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) or a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV):

Arizona State Statute

28-966. Neighborhood electric vehicles; speed; restrictions

  1. A neighborhood electric vehicle shall not be operated at a speed of more than twenty-five miles per hour.
  2. A neighborhood electric vehicle shall not be driven on a highway that has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five miles per hour. This subsection does not prohibit a neighborhood electric vehicle from crossing a highway that has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five miles per hour at an intersection.
  3. A neighborhood electric vehicle shall have a notice of the operational restrictions applying to the vehicle permanently attached to or painted on the vehicle in a location that is in clear view of the driver.

 When we process original NEV titles at DMV they are automatically issued the blue cloud plates. The Energy Efficient license plate program is separate from the Alternative Fuel License plates (the ones used on carts at ASU).  The ASU Blue plates do not count towards the 10,000 efficient plate limit.

See the following web page for more information:


ANSWERED BY:  Warren Giles, ASU Fleet Control Manager