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Mission and Goals

We serve as a voice for ASU staff, advise the President on the working climate and raise concerns of staff


The purpose and mission of the ASU Staff Council is to serve as a voice for ASU staff, to advise the President of ASU on the working climate, and to raise issues and concerns of staff. The Staff Council also works to support staff through various activities and initiatives.

Improving Working Climate

The Staff Council strives to improve the employment, general welfare, work environment, opportunities, and policies and procedures that affect staff.

Enhancing Staff Communication

The Staff Council focuses on enhancing internal communication among staff on all campuses, other universities within Arizona, as well as with the local communities.

Promoting Professional Development

The Staff Council works to promote and provide organizational and professional development opportunities to staff.


Increase visibility

The Staff Council strives to reach its constituents through its website, printed materials, personal engagement and communication on social media platforms.

Increase a sense of community

The Staff Council understands the importance of building a strong sense of community not only between staff, but between staff and other groups on campus. We are working to enhance a sense of pride in who staff are, what staff do, and the important role staff play in the success of ASU. Growing this sense of community and connection with ASU will have a real and lasting effect on staff morale and job satisfaction.